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Groomers Direct Nor Cal is a grooming supplies company set up to service grooming salons, mobile groomers and private groomers.

The van was designed to supply professional groomers, bathers, and apprentices with exceptional products for their grooming needs. We service around 250 to 300 shops a month on a very strict schedule. Our customers always look forward to seeing the Groomers Direct Norcal Van arrive.

Customers enjoy the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and see what they are buying before they hand over that card. It’s also a time when our busy customers can come in and relax for a few minutes, shop, laugh, simply take a break from the stress of the day. And, as we’ve said a thousand times, “What happens on the Van stays on the Van!”

Shawnee Sordini started the business in January of 2015 with the help of some truly wonderful people, especially her very supportive family, good friends and helpful suppliers. The Van has grown into what you see (or will see) today. We will be forever grateful to all of them.

Above all, this Van was created for our customers who have welcomed us into their grooming shops, vans, trailers and homes. They are our driving force to make this business work for them.

The Van is designed for personal customer service. It has a uniqueness all its own. Our customers and our team have created a trust and respect for each other over the past two years. We carry exceptional products and hope to win your long-term business.


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Over the years, Shawnee has had three great employers in her working career. Her last employer and employment was truly her dream job, which unfortunately ended in 2008 when the housing market crashed. So, Shawnee set her mind to doing something that truly made her happy. After all, it’s not work when you’re having fun!

Since Shawnee started Groomers Direct, she has noticed that there is not one company, other than hers, that really knows who her customers are. Not to mention what, when, where, and why they need what they need.

Her customers don’t have stores to shop in. On the Van, they can see, touch, feel and smell what they are buying. Shawnee’s not an online shopper for this very reason. It’s important to her that her customers are truly happy with the products and intimate customer service they receive in real-time. How many of you have shopped online and it didn’t turnout to be the best experience? She doesn’t like to be disappointed and she certainly doesn’t want her customers to be either.
Shawnee’s favorite part about her business is two-fold. First is that when there is someone about to see the Van for the first time, she’ll open the side door and their reaction is a joy for her. The comments she receives make her so happy that she chose this career path. Second is when she pulls up to a regular customer’s shop and they say ,"Thank God you’re here!” That gets her every time!

Fun Fact: Ahhh the Van… When Shawnee decided to do this business she set out to drive every Van in Northern California available. She even tried a couple of mini buses. She eventually picked the Mercedes Benz because of the seat. Believe it or not, it all came down to the seat! After all, she’s driving all over Nor Cal to deliver to her amazing customers. The seat in the Van was by far the most comfortable. As a bonus, it was not the most expensive. Score!
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We know that finding the right supplies for you and your business is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we drive to you, and offer free delivery so that we may walk you through the supplies and sample products.


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